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The Free Form Folk Foundation proudly represents the following artists:
Die Free Form Folk Foundation vertritt die folgenden Künstler:

The Turpentine Treacle Traveling Medicine Show
Sideshow Stephen Solo
Sideshow Stephen & Kate
Thee Inbread Brothers


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The Turpentine Treacle Traveling Medicine Show

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An Evening of Blues, Country and Folk, accompanied by Slide Guitar, Harmonica,  and a voice that will make you believe what you hear, all by one man: Sideshow Stephen. After years of playing solo shows, as well as cooperating with many other singers and pickers, Sideshow Stephen is now, enforced by Professor Ray Gunn on the trapset, aiming to deliver solid entertainment and cure all ailments known to man and beast alike with the Turpentine Treacle Traveling Medicine Show.

Ein Abend voller Blues-Heuler, Country-Schmachter und fideler Folksongs, begleitet von Slidegitarre, Mundharmonika, Mandoline und mit einer ausdrucksstarken Stimme, welche Emotionen zu vermitteln im Stande ist; und das alles von einem Mann und seinem Drummer: Sideshow Stephen und Professor Ray Gunn. Nach ungezählten Soloauftritten macht sich Sideshow Stephen nun verstärkt durch den Professor am Kammerschlagzeug als Turpentine Treacle Traveling Medicine Show auf, das Publikum zu unterhalten und jedwelche Gebrechen von Mensch und Vieh zu kurieren.

Sideshow Stephen Solo

ssscomicOut of the folds and crannies of S. Mountain, between the small cities of Berne and Biel, materializes this scrawny guy, wearing cowboy boots and a ball cap, playing an old guitar with the broken off neck of a Barbera bottle for a slide, picking strange patterns with the bare and bleeding fingers of his right hand; occasionally a-suckin-and-a-blowin on the ole mouthorgan between verses. It is a strange and infecting mixture of blues, bluegrass, folk and country. Old songs, some very old, all played traditionally, but somehow all in the wrong tradition, thereby blurring the borderlines (are there any, anyhow?) between the different genres of traditional American (AND European) Music. Shamelessly disfiguring those songs, putting the parts together again to create his own Sideshow of Musical Monstrosities. Calls it the Sideshow Stephen Solo Slide Guitar Express and he sure can take you places. Coast to coast and around the world, from the Nineteen twenties to the year 3000 (B.C. or A.D.)All in one song if need be, yessir, anytime you like ma’am. He’ll moan the blues and he’ll cry through desperate mountain songs, howl the gospel and holler out folk tunes, though not always in that sequence, accompanied by the thumping bass and whining treble of said guitar (a 1937 wood body National Trojan, for those interested), leaving his audiences befuddled, intrigued and downright enthusiastic, though not necessarily in that order.

Some tunes:

Flowers On My Grave © Sideshow Stephen (voc, slide guitar)

To be free (©words and music by Sideshow Stephen voc, slide guitar)

Hiway 61

13 Question method

Walkin Blues – From “The Blues And Beyond, ca. 1995

Kind hearted woman Blues – From “The Blues And Beyond, ca. 1995

Corinna, Corinna – From “The Blues And Beyond, ca. 1995



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