Presenting: Thee Inbread Brothers #3 “Good as it gets”

First demo of a song now titled “Things Like That”. It didn’t have all the lyrics back then either.

Ingber Inbread: mandolin
Dingus Inbread: slide guitar, vocals

Sideshow Stephen: harmony vocal (overdubbed)
previously unreleased

“Things Like That”
Words and Music by Sideshow Stephen
copyright blabla yadayada and soforth…

Presenting: Thee Inbread Brothers #1 “East Tokio Strut”

Instrumental tune we play when folks wanna get down and do the “treed possum”, the “noodled catfish” or even the “get-run-over-by-a-freight” or any other of those many traditonal appalachian dances.

Ingber Inbread: appalachian dulcimer
Dingus Inbread: National resophonic slideguitar

previously unreleased